marka ng demonyo!!!


I received a txt message this afternoon from one of my friend. ang nakasaad ay ganito

President GMA approved the P150 Million budget for the UNIFIED MULTI (666) SSS ID SYSTEM. DZRH reported! Nagstart na…microchip or biochip i-inject in hand or forhead of men which they call Lifetime savings. In US next in Philippines. Dami nagpatatak o nagpa inplant according to TIME MAGAZINE Plz. pas to all CHRISTIAN..

Naalala ko ito…

The BIBLE ; Revelation 13:16 to 18

16. The beast forced all the people, small and great, rich and poor, slave and free, to have a mark placed on their right hands or on their foreheads.

17. No one could buy or sell without this mark, that is, the beast’s name or the number that stands for the name.

18. This calls for wisdom. Whoever is intelligent can figure out the meaning of the number of the beast, because the number stands for the name of someone. Its number is 666.


So i tried to search on kung gaano katotoo ito..i try to search sa TIME MAGAZINE website at ito ang nakita ko

Biochips for Everyone!
Wednesday, Nov. 09, 2005

If someone proposed injecting a computer chip in your arm and said it could save your life, would you do it? As Orwellian as it sounds, VeriChip is betting this will be a billion-dollar business. The firm’s parent company, Applied Digital Solutions, won FDA approval last year for what it bills as the “world’s first human implantable microchip.” A radio-frequency identification (RFID) transponder the size of a grain of rice, the VeriChip contains a 16-digit personal ID number that can be scanned like a bar code, providing health-care workers access to your medical records online. That could be lifesaving in an emergency, cutting the likelihood of medical errors for accident victims, Alzheimer’s patients–anyone who can’t communicate or lacks ID. So far, only about 60 Americans have been chipped, mainly Applied Digital employees in Delray Beach, Fla. But the company says 58 hospitals are adopting the technology, a number it expects will expand to 200 by 2007.

Dr. John Halamka, chief information officer of Harvard Medical School, got chipped last year and says he hasn’t experienced negative side effects. He acknowledges that colleagues find the chip dehumanizing. Security experts are worried that the system can be hacked. And there are concerns that chips could one day be used to monitor the movement of those with implants. And the chip isn’t cheap: the suggested retail price is $200 and isn’t covered by insurance.

Applied also sees an opportunity in the security business. It has shipped 7,000 chips worldwide and figures about 2,000 have been implanted. Applied CEO Scott Silverman hopes to sell chips to the Pentagon, the CIA and the FBI–feeding into X-Files-type fears of biochipped government agents lording over the citizenry. A novel use: Baja Beach Club, a European nightclub chain, is offering “VipChip membership” to speed patrons through the ropes in Barcelona and Rotterdam. Some 430 clubgoers have signed on–at $1,300 apiece.



Then i try to search also the Executive Order of PGMA and ito ang nakita ko

Arroyo orders release of P750M for unified ID system
02/19/2008 | 09:59 PM

President Macapagal Arroyo on Tuesday ordered Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya Jr to release P750 million for the implementation of the Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID) System.

Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye said the system would unify the existing IDs of the National Statistics Office (NSO), Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System, and Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (Philhealth)

Bunye said Mrs Arroyo wanted Metro Manila informal settlers, electricity discount coupon holders, social welfare services beneficiaries, and Pag-IBIG Fund members covered by the ID system.

He said SSS Chairman Corazon de la Paz presented the update on the unification scheme during a Cabinet meeting in Malacañang on Tuesday.

Bunye said the government was on target in its implementation of the system, except for the Central Verification and Enrollment Agency and the Biometrics Data Matching Center components of the NSO ID system that needed funds.

“It’s just a matter of adopting a common reference number for all this ID system. So we’re on track. The release would further accelerate the implementation UMID system,” he said.

Executive Order 420 transfered the implementation of the ID system to the SSS from the National Economic and Development Authority.

SSS Vice President May Catherine Ciriaco said the NSO would need an additional P250 million in 2009 to implement the system.

She said Philhealth would need P1 billion for the system’s initial set up this year, and P2 billion next year.

Ciriaco said the needed funds could be charged against the Philhealth Operating Cost and e-Gov Fund.

She said the 10 million ID cards that were issued by the SSS could already qualify as “transition-UMID cards.”

UMID cards will be issued to new SSS applicants starting this year, according to Ciriaco. –



FAU RAFILI: hindi bat nakakatakot mga kaibigan? magsisi na tayo sa ating mga kasalanan. palaging magdasal. at huwag na huwag magpapatatak… basta ako NEVER! Over My Dead Body!

PRINSIPE DILAN: oo nga naman. alam ko na yan noon pa. pero hindi ko akalaing masyadong mapapaaga ang pagdating niyan. ako din hindi ako magpapapatatak.

PRINSES CLEO: OMG! ano to??? can’t believe it… pero naniniwala ako. hindi rin ako magpapalagay niyan.

DENZ: anak nang! bakit nagkakaganito na? nakakakaba naman to? pano pag hindi nagpalagay? malamang maparusahan!


PLEASE PRAY MGA KAIBIGAN… isa itong napakainteresanteng tag. Kaya tinatag ko ang lahat ng nasa listahan ko na i-repost ang buong balitang ito sa kanilang blog kasama ang kanilang nais na sabihin sa bandang itaas ng linya bago ang parteng ito.


37 Tugon to “marka ng demonyo!!!”

  1. bwahahahahhaha ( tawang demonyo) 😆

    sinapian? 😆

    alarming ang news na ito.. very disturbing lalo na sa katulad kong inocente at bata pa.. my god the bible says, this is the start of the so called armageddon. when nations wage war againts nations. end of the world na ba? jusko… hindi ko pa nakompleto ang bilang ng chuchupain ko! geezzzz….

    kailangan ko ng maghanap ngayon pa lang!
    anyone? 😆

    Denz: kaw talaga. 🙂

  2. pero sadly, i don’t belive in that!
    the prophet who made the revelation might have predicted the invention of a microchip but he might have not known na it will happen this date na high tech na ang lahat. of course, foreign sa kanya ang nakita nyang microchip sa visions nya dahil panahon pa ng kupong-kupong yun.

    i don’t belive it!

    Denz: 😦 nakakalungkot.

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    Denz: ???

  4. I have received that text from my friends too a week ago.

    Para saken, hindi dapat mabahala ang isang kristiyanong may malalim na pananampalataya. Mangyayari at mangyayari talaga yan pero wala ni isa ang nakakaalam kung kelan ang katapusan.

    Denz: walang dapat matakot. pero dapat lahat ay may pananampalataya.

  5. nakakashock nmn yan kuya densz..sobrng bata ko pa po para mamulat sa mga gnyang bagay…i pray nmn alot..every chance that i get..sana wag po muna kunin ni papa god ang mundo..mraming bagay pa ang hindi ko gusto ko pa pong makilala sa blogging world at this stage…haysz..

    Denz: sana nga wag muna.

  6. malapit na ngang matapos ang lahat. malapit na.

    Denz: Alam mo rin Super Paurong? Iligtas mo kami dakilang superhero, na paurong kung lumipad nya hahahaha!

  7. oo. may report pa nga ako tungkol sa bar code noong second year high school ako eh.
    hindi ko kayo maliligtas. Siya lang ang nakapagliligtas.

    Denz: joke lang aman yun. hehehe! napepressure kaba?

  8. Na-link na kita. Sana you do the same 🙂

    Denz: salamat ha! link din kita…

  9. ayoko nito magpalagay.

    Denz: oo dapat lang.

  10. tsk tsk tsk. interesting to ah

  11. mga adik! buksan niyo yung link ng GMA NEWS dyan.. ang bobo naman hindi binasa mabuti.. your misleading the reader. SABI CARD DAW!!!!!.. mahilig tayo mag ganyan mga pilipino eh… hindi naman natin lama nag tunay na istorya..

    From GMA news:

    President Macapagal Arroyo on Tuesday ordered Budget Secretary Rolando Andaya Jr to release P750 million for the implementation of the Unified Multi-Purpose Identification (UMID) System.

    Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye said the system would unify the existing IDs of the National Statistics Office (NSO), Social Security System (SSS), Government Service Insurance System, and Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (Philhealth)

    She said the 10 million ID cards that were issued by the SSS could already qualify as “transition-UMID cards.”

    UMID cards will be issued to new SSS applicants starting this year, according to Ciriaco. –

  12. This is misleading. I have heard about the unified ID system and sure it will be a “card” like a typical credit card. Many countries have already started implementing this like Malaysia. So where did the microchip thing come from? It’s just being hyped by some stupid mammal.

  13. dropping by.. shocking nga ang news na to.. waaaa

  14. pucxha kakatakot naman mga news na ito di pa ko Diamond sa AMWAY huhuu… Magpapayaman na ako sino sasama? add niyo fs ko message me sa gusto yumaman hehe

  15. dont lose faith

  16. Ako po ay nanawagan na gawin lahat ng mabuti para sa kaligtasan ng buong may buhay sa mundo!!!totoo po ang balita na yan!!ito po ay nakasaad sa ating bibilya,kung kayo po ay naniniwala merong nagmamahal satin na mahal na AMA tayo’y maililigtas sa kapamahakan !!^_^

  17. promise naniniwala ako jan kc nakasulat tlga sa bible un kahit basahin niyo pa.hindi card un…pinalalabas lang na card pero magugulat kayo microchip un na iinject sa atin..ung mga unbelievers jan magpray lng kaung lahat para sa kasalanan nating lahat.wag tumigil magdasal.

    — opo wag na wag po tayong tumigil sa pagdarasal!

  18. All of these will surely happen, it is correct to say na cards nga yun sa SSS but i tell you ITS THE START, so watch & pray that this will happen when we christians ay na-rapture na ng Diyos.

    — yup. hope so….

  19. things wil be happen according to him… mangyari na ang mangyari.. i dont care… isa lang masasabi ko.. ang me pananalig ng tapat sa kanya ang maliligtas.. im a devil! but a devil with the heart who believe in God righteousness.. bye

    — hmmmn.

  20. my misunderstanding po kau sa report ng GMA 7… HINDI PO MICRO CHIP ANg iPAPALIT D2 sa philipinas CaRDS po xa …..

    pero nkakaktakot parin kc d nmn ntin alm kung kelan mngyayaring ang katapusan ng laht kaya dapt mgdasal and have more faith t GOD !!!!!


    — bahala na. just pray!

  21. sa totoo lang kahit sabihin ntin na kard or micro chip yan ay pinapatunayan lang na.maging handa tau sa mangyayari marahil nais ng Dios n ipakita sa atin ito upang mamulat lang tayo sa katotohanan na mangyayari ito marahil ngayon o sa buhay natin dito sa mundo hindi pang habang buhay tayo na nandito lahat ay mangyayari .marahil ang dapat gawin natin bilang isa indibdual ay unawain at basahin ang biblia at tangapin natin ang Panginoon hesus bilang Dios at sariling di relihiyon ang makaliligtas sa tao kundi relasyon sa Dios. kaya please accept Jesus christ as your Lord and saviour un ang maglligtas sa yo at sa akin.God bless po.

    — oo naman! bilang na ang mga oras natin! kaya kailangan na nating magbago!

  22. totoo lhat yan at mlapit n dadating c GOD kya be still s inyong FAITH..ONLY JESUS CAN SAVE US ,,,wla ng iba ang dapat mong gawin mga kpatid ay magsisi k aminin mo n ikw ay TANGAPIN MO SYA BILANG PERSONAL MONG TAGAPAGLIGTAS..TRUELY IN YOUR HEART..GOD BLESS.

    — god bless us all!

  23. sa aking paningin. di ko makita na masama ang hangarin ng pag lagay ng budget sa id system. di ako naniniwala na ang budget na yan ay para sa masama.

    — oh really.

    • this is a revelation.. pero totoo nga ang nasa bible, ndi maniniwala ang karamihan sa katotohanan.. pero, christians around the world, accountability natin ang mga unbelievers sa paligid natin.. kailangangang ipaalam sknla ang katotohanan…

      – oo nga. now na!

  24. hoy mga tarantado gago kayo ako to c yamaka boy pogi to yes red is red blue is blue i can give my luv to yu

    — oh?

  25. hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahah im my name is rain
    im a stuydent in perpetual help molino im college my name
    rigel salanggo hi toallllllllllllllllllllllllllll my friend

    — kulet!

  26. believe that there is God and “HE” our father in heaven who choose to walk on the calvary, to shed His blood, crucified on the cross and died to save us, and He alone can save us if this time comes. PRAY nothing is impossible to God . We will be save have faith in HIM. nothing and no one is grater than HIM. ALLELUIA ! PRAISE THE LORD !


  27. better to believe Says:

    the times indeed reported on the chip being tried on humans and it has been successful.

    based on what i have learned:
    *the chip was first tried on bodies of soldiers who passed away to identify them…
    *the time magazine published the trial on people four years ago.
    *there was also an american family who got injected with the identification chip some years back. they were even introduced on tv.
    *the governments around the world are trying to monitor the activities of people by putting everything into one device… Malaysia has the maikad, and some parts of europe have it too… what would it be for the philippines?

    interesting turn of events… and to think of it, portions of these where documented about by people who lived 2,000 years ago and it’s found in the bible!

    — opo totoo pong lahat ito. MANIWALA KAYO! kung hindi man kayo maniniwala, pagsisihan niyo na ang lahat ng mga kasalanang nagawa niyo at magbalik-loob kayo sa panginoon!

  28. this card that they are saying has already been implemented here in united arab emirates… it is what they call here as emirates id… it is a system similar to the news we heard from the philippines and with the attached chip on the card containing all the information of the person…

    the card in the uae is renewable every year costing 100 dirhams (PhP 1300)… unless if they implement this is the philippines, the people would pay oblige to pay 1300 pesos every year inspite of the global economic crisis..

    — ganun ba??? so nagsisimula na pala ang lahat lahat diyan??? ikaw meron ka na ba??

  29. this is really true!!! If you have doubt read the revelation…All that is written there is true because it is inspired by God. The microchip system is a sign that Jesus Christ is coming again…Rapture will take place for all the genuine believers..To those who accepted that they are sinners and repented…and accept that Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved from that wrath of God. Every body is dead spiritually because of sin…but thru belief in Jesus Christ we are alive again. My countrymen dipa huli ang lahat pero kailangang gawin na ngayon…accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Savior..Go to church or fellowship that teach this doctrine…You will gain!!!!God bless!!!

    — REPENT!

  30. sna lht ng nkaunli send nyu ung msg kht d christian…….

    at huwag kyong mgpapatatak


    — GO!

    ytatgan nyo ang inyong pananampalataya….

  31. hmmm.. naka2takot naman…

    — oo naman sobra.

  32. totoo nga ang nag nakasaad sa “BIBLE” unbilivable! di ko tlga akalain na unti-unting ng nangyayari ang propisya!! ow!! mga guys mag bago na kau
    kau rin baka di kau makaligtas!!!

    — yup totoong totoo at nangyayari na!

  33. sa mnwla’t kau sa hnde… lht ng nga nblitaan neo ay mangyayari.. but without an exct date. the Bible only reveals the truth. nde kc kau ngbabasa ng scriptures kea nde neo mpaniwlaang it happen tlga… pra sa mga blievers, alm n nla 2ng bltang ‘to. we shud not b afraid as long as we hold on to the Lord…
    all we can do is… PRAY!!! no one can save us but HIM!!!

    — yup. ur perfectly RYT!

  34. we should always get ourselves ready because anytime could be the time. we don’t know exactly when, but one thing is for sure. GOD IS COMING SO SOON!

    – TAMA! malapit na ang paghuhukom kaya MAGBAGO NA PO TAYO!

  35. Christians and your stupid ideologies.
    The middle ages were called “dark” because of the intervention of the Church towards the scientific thinkers of the age. Anything that the Church taught was infallible therefore scientists at that time who were able to discover and invent anything through scientific methods and research that counteracts Christianity was banned and deemed heretic.

    Galileo was arrested and tried for heresy (his works confiscated) by the pope in 1633 for proposing heliocentrism (that the Earth revolves around the sun). At that time your Holy Bible decreed that the Sun was the one that moved around the Earth.

    In 2000, Pope John Paul II issued a formal apology for all the mistakes committed by some Catholics in the last 2,000 years of the Catholic Church’s history, including the trial of Galileo among others.

    All hail narrow-mindedness!

    – anong konek.

  36. kolboy ako txt my # 09393057884..if you want sex me for more inpormation..pampanga only… im here dau

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